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“I can do all things” steph curry- I chose it because I like how he’s supporting that you can always do anything you put your mind to. He also means that if you work hard for something you will always be able to achieve anything.

“don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there’s footprints on the moon”- I like this quote because I don’t like when people get held back you can do anything you can and theirs no limit of possibilities. Every person should have the mindset that their aren’t any limitations to anything anyone does.

My Team

This is me and my team playing here it was a special game because we played at lunch in front of everyone and i hit a three:) Me team means a lot to me we are like a family we do everything together were #1 in the province and we are so happy to be,  we have also been together as a team for years.

Green Lake-happy place

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This is a photo of the lake I have a cabin at in the summer I go up its five hours away its beautiful in its greeny blue water its called green lake. Whenever I get up there I get so relaxed I don’t have a worry in the world I feel so happy there. I love it there not having to do anything I hangout with two friends the whole summer and it’s a blast.


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I chose this site because you’re free to express yourself by photos, videos and collages you can laugh, cry, relate, smile and comment on Instagram. I use it to update friends on my social life