About Me


Quote: “The guys who stick around are the guys who are more Self-Driven. You Have to Drive. Coaches can only take you so far.” – Aaron Rodgers

I chose this quote because it’s true. Coaches, teachers, parents teach you things that would help you in you’re future depending on what you want your career to be, you just have to do the rest by using that information to improve yourself. On the football field you have to use the things coaches tell you in order to improve and i try to be the best i can out there because i’m self-driven, i want to improve to be successful. 


Youtube Clip:

I chose the video because it’s a story made into a rap song of someone going down the wrong path and the consequences he had to experience. It’s very deep and the message is if you are starting to go down the wrong path and if you have the chance to, don’t, or else you’ll have to face the consequences. 


I Used this picture because it represents my love for sports. I’m an active kid and like to play sports. Football is my favorite sport to play but i enjoy lots of other sports too. My family is like a sport family. I’ve play many sports from taekwondo, wrestling, basketball and football. My siblings also love to play sports too. 

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