Science fair reflection

My thoughts 

        I thought the science fair was very interesting because there were a lot of cool ideas that people had, and I enjoyed learning and looking at them. I felt kind of good about my project because of some of the information I had. On the other side, my project didn’t look good because I rushed it and put it together at last minute. I had two visitors come and look at my project, but it wasn’t very attractive. Some of the things I learned is different popcorn brands pop more popcorn than others at the same amount of time in the microwave, I also learned that there is a device that can measure the temperature of something by aiming it at something with heat. To improve my project next time, I should decorate my poster and start adding things on the poster earlier, so I have more time to prepare for the fair. A project I found impressive was about popcorn brands and how much popcorn each brand gives you. It had plenty of information which I wouldn’t expect much of for some popcorn bags. The kid responsible for the project added ribbons to the brand that gave more popcorn in order from first to third. It was also very decorative, and it was carnival themed. 


I didn’t have any pictures from the science fair so i put in some of the information i used

Information Used:

The question is “how accurate are you when throwing a football with a spiral and without a spiral”. This can help with improving your accuracy and just make it easier to have fun throwing the ball around.

The method I used to test this question is to stand at a specific spot and throw a football two different ways at the targets that have been set up. 

The purpose of this experiment is to test the accuracy of someone when throwing a football with a spiral and without a spiral.

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