About me page

“Your life is your party. You get to choose how you invite people and experiences and things into it.”
-Jen Sincero

I chose this quote because its true and makes me want to live my best life. I only have one life and I can control how I live it and who I keep in it. This quote makes me think about if I were to die tomorrow if I would be happy with the way I lived.


I chose this video because when I first watched it I really liked it. I think Miles (the one speaking) is really sweet. The things he says about the girl is beautiful. My favourite thing he says in the video is “if I could change one thing about you, next to nothing id change your eyes. Id exchange them for mine, so you can see what I see, when I see you.”.

This picture is meaningful to me because I will always remember that this picture was taken in Port Elgin Ontario, with my best friend. This was the last fun memory I made with her before I moved to BC. This picture was taken in August 2019.


  GarageHyperlink This link is to a clothing shop.  I chose this link because it shows that I like to online shop. Garage is one store I like to shop at.