About Me

My Favorite Inspirational Quote By Albert Einstein:

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I chose this quote by Albert Einstein because everyone has a chance of being bad at some subject in school¬† but this quote just goes to show that if you put time and effort into your education then you will eventually be good at the subject you once weren’t very good at.


My Favorite Youtube Video:


I chose this clip of my friend Mike Ionescu because he’s showing that you can be a Youtuber/creator at any age and I like this video because it is a good way to show Mike that he will forever be a little kid in everyone’s hearts.


My Favorite Picture:


If you click the link it will take you to a site that shows some very yummy food. I chose that picture because I love food. I can eat food for a million years and still love it. Food is one of the best things to exist in this world. Everybody loves food.


My Favorite Website:


Slither.io is my favorite website because it is the one game I would always play during middle school when I’m in class on the computers. This game is really fun but it was one of those games that just took your attention away from everything. I chose this game to be in my blog because when I see or hear the name of the game it brings back memories of being at Minnekhada with all of my crazy fun friends.