About Me


“Don’t go through life, GROW through life.”

Sometimes when my life went uneasy, I often thought I’m going trough things that are unnecessary. But when I think about it, I was actually growing as I am going through my life. So, whenever you are going trough hard things in your life, it might will make you feel better if you think you are growing as you are going trough your life.


I really enjoy listening to music and I am currently really into this song. This song is called ‘Want You Back’ by 5 Seconds Of Summer.


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I really like looking up the sky and when the sky is beautiful, it makes my whole day happy.


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I mostly like every food that exist on Earth but there is one exception which is a broccoli.


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This picture is inspirational because success is what we have to make by ourselves.

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This website is meaningful to me because I want to get into The University of British Columbia in the future.