Get To Know Me:)


Favourite Quote:

Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. – 1 Corinthians 3:12

        This bible quote inspires me every time I read it. It talks about how to always be and have these characteristics in you to become a better person for yourself and to help inspire others to clothe them with these things as well. despite all the negative impacts in my life, I always seem to come across this quote and get inspired all over again. It has helped me with my inner peace. A goal is to have these characteristics and really live by them, so I can become the best version of myself and be a better person for others.

Favourite Video:

This is one of my favourite videos on Youtube by 2 artists named Fkj and Masego. Music is such an important part of my life that helps me in my lows and makes me feel happy and motivated when I am in a great mood. I thought I would share this video and put it in my blog to show how Masego is such a unique artist. He implements jazz, r&b, and modern culture day music into his songs. I love listening to Jazz, r&b and modern day music, so the music that Masego makes especially gives me positive and motivated vibes. I especially listen to his songs when I am studying or doing homework which keeps me motivated and helps me focus:)


A Picture That Inspires Me:

Image result for sue bird inspirational quote photo

        This inspirational picture of what was once said by Michael Jordan really motivates me. It has such a true message. Whenever I end up reading it, it gets me feeling motivated and inspired to not only do certain thing in my life just for the sake of doing them but to also give effort to the things I do and actually try. Even if I don’t like it, I should at least try to give effort in doing so because I never know what the end results might be if I do so.

        I play on a basketball team myself and I can really relate to what the quote says in the picture. My team and I do end up having many setbacks and loses, just like any other team, but we give effort into not only our games but our practices to. The fact that we try to give as much effort as possible as individuals in practices and on the court in games, helps us have the potential to have success and be the best that we can be for ourselves and as a team. If we all didn’t try to put effort, we would be losing and failing in our growth to becoming the best athlete we can be. Therefore is why we cannot accept not trying for it will have negative impacts on us. instead we accept failure, as long as we gave it our absolute all for it will give us success.

Favourite Website:

Click the link to visit my favourite website:

Pinterest is one of my favourite sites on the internet because it has a variety of pictures that are motivational, positive, and inspiring. You can search anything you want on Pinterest and it will show you a large variety of different inspiration boards related to the topic you searched. I go to Pinterest when I need motivation or inspiration. I make inspiration boards for different aspects of my life using the pictures on Pinterest which helps me organize my ideas and thoughts.