February 11

About Me

Hi! My name is Julie Newell and this is a page that explains a few things about me.

My favourite quote:

I believe that you should be able to love who you want. I believe we are all people and are all equal. Whoever you are attracted to, or whoever you love, is up to you and you only. But even then you may think you’re straight and suddenly be attracted to someone of the same gender. This is why the quote “Love Is Not A Choice” – Brendon Urie is my favourite quote. Nobody can control or choose who they love, it just happens.

My favourite video:

My favourite video at the moment is a music video for a song off of my favourite album, Pretty. Odd. By Panic! At The Disco. It’s weird and hard to really understand but I personally love it.

A meaningful image:

I’ve recently been feeling like there’s so much in my head. How I deal with that kind of stress is to write it down, normally in stories or songs. Once I’ve written down all I can think of, my head feels empty. There was so much all at once and now it’s all kind of a memory. So much space left. This picture really reminded me of that feeling.

Related image

My favourite website:

My favourite website would have to be my favourite clothing shop, Hot Topic. I love the things that they sell and it really fits my style.