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My Quote:
“What goes around comes around” ~ Justin Timberlake

This is my quote because it’s true, karma can really hit you hard out of know where. Also the song is really good and has a lot of true lyrics.

My Video:

I like this video because it was very life changing and some of them i strongly believe are true. This video changed my perspective on electronics and what they’re really doing sometimes. Shane Dawson’s conspiracy videos really change a lot of peoples perspectives on life.

My Photo:

Related image

I chose this image because it has a powerful meaning to it. Just because someone is smiling and laughing all the time doesn’t mean they’re always happy and having a good day. Someone is always hiding an emotion from everyone, whether it’s them being mad, sad, or even happy. This image explains a lot of peoples lives.

My Hyperlink:

This is a website that I am on a lot. Netflix is what I watch when I’m bored and should be doing homework, I have finished many series and movies on Netflix including: The Fosters, Pretty Little Liars, Grown Ups and many more. Netflix has become a huge part of my life which is probably very unhealthy.