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“Master has given Dobby a sock
I chose this quote, because it is one of my favourite  quotes from Harry Potter. Harry Potter is my favourite book and movie series. I love it when Dobby is freed, because his old masters were so mean to him. Dobby was a good house elf… with good intentions. Even if his actions were wrong, Dobby always had the right idea in his heart.

 Favourite YouTube video


I like the reaction of the Pittsburgh Player after he knocks out the Washington Player. It always makes me smile, and laugh.

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Image result for hedwig funko pop

I chose this picture because Hedwig is another of my favourite characters. I also really want this Hedwig Funko Pop Figure, but they are sold out right now, so I can’t wait for the stores to get another shipment in, so I can find her.

Favourite website



to see! I like to take the quizes on this site. They are quite fun.