Element Cube Questions

  1. i needed to search ‘who discovered Potassium” and ” how was potassium discovered”, “what colour is potassium” and “what are the uses of potassium”.
  2. I used word, office 365, and internet of the things I knew, and generating  QR code was a new skills I learned.
  3. I would search a question, then see if the website was reliable. If the website was, then i would read all of the information on the page, then I would double check the information on another website.
  4. I would look at the publish date, the qualifications, the ending of the web link, and i looked at multiple websites before using any information on my project.
  5. I think i did pretty good completing this project. Maybe I could have gone more in depth with my sentences, but i kept it minimal so that the font wouldn’t get to small. I could have written more, but I would have needed more space for that.