About Me!

I’m Kayden, I am 15 years old and have a brother and three pets. My brother is named Gabriel, he is eleven years old and goes to Kway. He also likes to play video games and likes animals. I have three pets (two cats and a dog) and they are great, my dog is a jackrussel crossed with a pug.



This picture is important to me because it shows many things that i enjoy doing. The first part is the water which is important to me because i like to swim and go to the beach. The second part is the park, he park is a place i really enjoy going and like to hang out with my friends.



“How can you believe what you see if you’re blinded by how you feel” – Kayden Dryer

I Wrote this quote in middle school and i thought it was pretty good. It means that you may believe something about someone or a situation but you may not “see” or consider all the possibilities that are there hence you are “blinded” to other options by how you “feel” and your opinions.



This Video is important to me because i enjoy comedy and like making skits or mini movies and i think this video is well done in both of those categories.


Element Cube

1. To create my cube in needed to research the origin of gallium and where it was discovered. I also had to research its properties and look at pictures and videos of it.

2. To create my cube i had to use Word, Office 365, and Google which i am very familiar with. The thing i had to use that i was unfamiliar with was the QR code generator which was easy for me to learn.

3. To investigate the topic i first chose a element that i knew a bit about and started research it in order checking multiple sources and writing down my information.

4. To verify the information i used i went on multiple sources and every time i went on a website i wrote the URL on the cube to cite my sources.

5. The process of completing this challenge went well and the one thing i would do better is work on this project a bit each day instead of all at once.

(Cant find element cube for picture)

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