Blakeburn Lagoon

These are  some geese and their goslings, they are beside the water from the lagoon and were out in the middle of the day.

This is the lagoon with a variety of trees, the lagoon, and man made things like the houses, dock, and wooden fence.

The Blakeburn Lagoon

A Power point on the lagoon



When we were at the lagoon we didn’t use a lot of technology mainly our phones to take pictures or find information, other than that we just wrote                            or drew things and just looked around.

I used the technology to take pictures to better remember the environment to complete my assignments.

I am very comfortable with technology, though i haven’t used edublog very much i am fairly comfortable with it, i am also very comfortable with                                  office 365 and teams.

I would like to use more technology in the next years because they help me keep things organized and make it easier to get my things done on time.

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