Blakeburn Lagoon

  1. What kinds of technology did you use at the lagoon?  At the lagoon the technology I used was my phone to take photos of the animals me and my partner were observing.
  2. How did you use technology to complete your project/ assignment?I used technology to complete this project by using the photos I took at the lagoon from my phone and also by using power point on the computer.
  3. Describe your comfort level with using edublog and Microsoft Teams?I feel as though my comfort level is very good because I feel I know how to work efficiently on edublog and Microsoft Teams.
  4. What would you like to change or stay the same for next year in your classes with technology? One thing I would like to change is more class time to work on your assignments and one thing i would like to stay the same is being able to accesses my assignments from any computer.
  5. Blakeburn Lagoon power point