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“Everybody wants happiness, nobody wants pain, but you can’t have a rainbow without any rain”

I chose this quote because it shows that not everyday may not be good but theirs something good in everyday. You cant have happiness without going through       rough patches

I chose this video because this movie my cousins, brothers, and, I would watch on repeat. But this song specifically we would jam out to and still to this day we still have little dance party together whenever we play it.

Image result for kitimat hospital beach

This is a picture of a beach in Kitimat BC. My mom’s side of the family is from Kitimat and I go up there every summer to visit my cousins. We go to this beach every time, to skip rocks and fool around.



I chose this link because Aritzia is my favorite store to shop at.


Course Name:
Course Teacher:
1. Check off ALL the functional procedures you used in this class?
 Using a search engine
 Accessing a school website
 Uploading and/or downloading
 Saving to a cloud (Office 365)
 Accessing work on multiple devices
(ie. at home and at school)
 Sending a link
 Embedding video and/or links into
an application (ex.ppt)
 Printing a document
 Scanning a document
 Using a QR code
 Sending/responding to an email
 Collaborating online
 Cutting/pasting text, pics or links
 Other: _______________________
2. Describe one digital tool or resource you found useful in this class. How did you use it and why was it useful?
3. Describe a tool, app, or resource you are hoping to use in the future. What would you use it for?