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MY FAVOURITE QUOTEImage result for life is too short to wear boring clothes png

“Life Is Too Short To Wear Boring Clothes” -Nia Sharma

  For me, this quote means a lot to me personally because when I was growing up I had a very extravagant sense of style, I always wore knee-high rainbow socks, tights underneath shorts, the most random shirt on the earth and I didn’t care about anything. And the reason that didn’t matter cause I used to think that it didn’t matter what you looked like or what you liked to have. But over time and as I grew up in our society my thoughts changed and every time they did I would remember that quote and realize the only opinion that matters is my own.


    Miley Cyrus -Party In The USA                              I watch YouTube a lot and the main thing I do on there is listen and watch music videos because I’m usually doing homework at home and I get bored so I listen to all the old songs I used to listen to along time ago! When I was little and just discovered music, I loved this particular song so much because it always played on the radio and I loved the beat. I grew up with this song everywhere, in my lacrosse and soccer changing rooms, long road trips with this song on repeat and just in my room blaring. But most importantly the artist of the song was in one of my favorite movies when I was little, Hannah Montana.


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  I love sports, I play them almost every day, my life practically revolves around sports and when I’m not playing them I think about them usually all the time. I play two sports right now lacrosse and soccer, they both make me feel so happy when I get on the field or step in the box. My teams are also like my second family, so this photo means a lot to me because sports make up almost 60% of my life.

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   This picture is very meaningful because many dogs have cycled through my life and each and everyone has helped me through a different part of my life. My first dog, Kayla, was a Border Collie, she helped me get over my uncle who passed away and helped me up whenever I fell. My second dog, Sheba, always made sure I was okay and when I wasn’t he would snuggle me until I was. My dog right now, Max, who is a miniature Australian Shepard. (in the picture) He always follows me around to make sure I’m okay when and when I break down he licks me better. So my point is dogs are always there for me whenever I need them that’s why they have such an important role in my life!


My favorite site would be Cool Math Games because every spare minute I got during school or at home, I would hop on the site an play for hours. It was my favorite site in the whole world and meant everything to me!  I chose this site because it took up almost half my childhood, when I was sick it would almost make me feel better. Everything about this site is fun and amazing, so I don’t think I could ever have another favorite site. (Except for Netflix)