About Me


Don’t let your dreams just be dreams.



I chose this YouTube video because there are some very easy and interesting experiences that you could do at home when you are bored or just for fun. i did a few experiments that were in that video and i had a lot of fun, specially my youngest sister.


Some experiences i did at home:

  1. Gum wrapper fire start

  2.  Changing color of roses

  3.  Instant Ice

  4.  Fire on hands

  5.  Crystal ball

  6.  Sucking egg into a bottle

  7.  Bouncing bubbles

  8.  Invisible handwriting

  9.  Liquid layering

(some of the experiences i did a couple of times because of its awesomeness)



I chose this image because for me it shows that all people must help each others, show leadership, if you are good at something you can teach the person and make them better, try to help people with their straggles, improve yourself and people around you, honestly help them and be positive.


4)  Link to the hyperlink/website

I chose this site because there are few very interesting scientific facts even for adults. i like finding out new stuff.