science fair reflection

This is a photo of Hannah and I standing in front of our poster at the science fair.

I think the science fair was a really great experience.  It showed what other students in the school were passionate about. There was a good selection of different types of experiments and it went from different models of bridges to colour changing roses. A project that really stood out for me was the acne cream one.  It stood out for me because it is something that could really be used in the real world that could help several people with something that they feel insecure about.

My experience with completing the science fair was really fun. Hannah and I did the experiment that changed the colour of white roses. Our roses changed colour faster than we expected. They turned out really pretty and I would definitely do it again just to have them as decorations in my house. If i did this again I would want to try putting them in the shade to see what would happen. Our experiment put the roses in direct sunlight and because of this I believe the roses soaked up the colour faster. This is because they were in the sun so they needed more water to stay hydrated and they most likely would need as much water if they were in the shade.