” Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me. ” – Carol Burnett

I chose this quote to put on my blog because I think it has a really powerful meaning, since there are many examples of people whose lives are getting changed from bulling and people trying to control them. I think that this quote states what everyone should think. We should keep our lives in our own hands and not allow anyone try and do that for us.



   Youtube Video / Song

“Baby” by Justin Bieber 


I chose this song cause I really like it and the fact that it’s really upbeat and old. The song is 8 years old and in this past years a lot of people have started hating on Justin Bieber for many different reasons, but every time somebody plays this song everybody starts singing along to it and dancing and that fact shows how good this song is.





This picture is really meaningful to me and one of my favourite pictures. The people in the picture are my sister and I. My sister is my favourite person in the whole world and I love her the most. As all siblings, we fight all the time and get mad at each-other for the smallest, most unimportant things but in the end of the day we love each-other more than anyone else. 

This picture was taken in Edmonton, Alberta during a very fun, short vacation during in December 2018. We were only six cousins going to another city to just have fun with each- other with no adults around to stop us. 🙂 We had so much fun going to the mall, dancing on the streets and creating memories that we won ‘t forget.

This picture will always remind me of the fun vacation and how important my sister is to me. 





I chose this hyperlink because I think that Youtube is a very important website for a lot of people. It has changed the lives of so many and continues to in many different ways. Many people make their living out of Youtube while, many others get their stress out, bring their mood up and other positive things just by looking at videos of their favorite Youtubers and people they like to watch in a daily or just by listening to their favorite songs from their favorite artists. I would recommend everybody to spend some time on Youtube, maybe not a lot but enough to change your mood for the better.