BlakeBurn Lagoon Reflection


This image is from the first ever time I went to my quadrant in the lagoon!

This image is from the fourth time I went to the lagoon and noticed how much the plants have grown and the area has changed!

The link above takes you to a PowerPoint slideshow that shows the changes in the BlakeBurn Lagoon in quadrant F over the different two times that I was there through pictures. I think the changes are really surprising and beautiful. The lagoon’s colour changed so much from a mostly grey everything to a beautiful green coloured grass, many leaves on the trees and even the sky was a lot clearer.



  1. What kind of technology did you use at the lagoon?

During the times that I went to the lagoon I used my phone almost every time for school purposes.

2. How did you use technology to complete your project/assignment?

I used my phone for two reasons to complete my assignment:

  • I used it to take pictures of the place and different plants
  • as well as I researched some of the plants and birds and tried to find out their names.

3. Describe your comfort level with using edublog and Microsoft Teams.

Over the course my comfort level with using edublog and Microsoft Teams has increased a lot. When I started it took me a little bit of time to figure out where everything was but by the second assignment I think that I got comfortable with it. By now I think I don’t have any major problems in using it anymore, I can easily figure out where everything that I need is and how to look for it.

4.What would you like to change or stay the same for next year in your classes with technology?

I liked how most of the assignments where connected to another subject so I would like that to stay the same cause I think it is helpful and convenient. Something that I would like to change for next year is maybe the explanation of everything, maybe the students can get one more example for the assignments so they feel more comfortable on knowing what to do.