Blakeburn Lagoon – Ecology

What kinds of technology did you use at the lagoon?

The times that we were at the lagoon, my partner and I used our phones to document data and take photos of our quadrant. We also used our phones to research the weather, wind gust, visibility and other observations to compare them to our observations. I think it’s a lot easier to see the changes in a photo compared to the observations that were written down on the sheet, so I am happy that we got to document changes through the photo route. 

How did you use technology to complete your project/assignment?

To complete this project/assignment, I used my laptop to use Powerpoint so I could create my presentation of the changes in my quadrant. I used my phone to take photos of my quadrant so I would be able to use them later on in my Presentation. In order to complete this assignment, I had to know how to use Powerpoint, and add transitions as well as how to transfer photos from my phone to my laptop so I could insert them into my presentation. 

Describe your comfort level with using edublog and Microsoft Teams.

I think that I am very comfortable with using edublog and Microsoft teams because I have used it quite a bit so I know how to use it and the ins and outs. At first I had a little bit of trouble with getting around both sites and I struggled with things like handing in an assignment, or embedding a link into my post, but now I am able to do those things easily.

What would you like to change or stay the same for next year in your classes with technology?

I think this semester with digital literacy has all been positive and I don’t think I have had a lot of problems with this class. It has been fun getting to learn new things about the web, learn how to use new websites like the PHET circuit simulation, and learn how to use our blogs to talk about our opinions and experiences. One thing I would change, is how clear instructions are; sometimes they are not that clear and a rubric is not enough to explain the assignment.