Circuit Floor Plan

Reflection Questions:

What are my thoughts about this overall project? Are they mostly positive or negative? If positive/negative, what comes to mind specifically?

My thoughts on this project are mostly positive, because I enjoyed learning about circuits, electricity and how to use PHET to create a virtual electric circuit. I enjoyed learning how to create a circuit that would need one main switch for all the lights as well as a switch for each individual light and how to design a floorplan. 

How might my assignment relate to real-world situations and problems?

This assignment relates to real-word situations and problems because electricians, electric engineers and other jobs that require education on electricity will have to know how a circuit works at some point in their lives and how to create a circuit in a household so that lights can be controlled from individual switches and from one main switch. 

What would I do differently if I were to approach the assignment again?

Next time, I would focus more on the actual circuit and make sure I understand how PHET works before going in and creating a complicated floor plan. Because I created my floor plan first, I got confused and had to restart a couple of times,but I figured it out in the end. 

How will I use what I’ve learned in the future?

I will use my knowledge on circuits in the future to understand how circuits work, and If I ever decide to pursue a career as an electrician or electrical engineer or decide to build my own house,  I will be very familiar with the concept of circuits, voltage, and current.