“Why fit in when you were born to stand out” -Dr Seuss. I chose this quote because I feel that everyone should be themselves and not try to be like other people by changing who you are.

I chose this dance because I look up to her as a dancer so much. She is so incredibly amazing at dancing and i try to meet her standards every day in the studio. Not only did I choose the video because of her amazing way of performing a dance, but that we have dancing in common which is my life.

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I chose this photo of a girl dancing, because I wanted to show a picture that represents me, and the best way of doing that would be to show a dance photo because I enjoy and love dancing so much! All dance pictures and videos inspire my to work my hardest and to try and to never give up even if its hard.

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I chose this link of my dance studio because that’s where I’ve made so many friends and also where I get to dance and do what I love every single day. My dance studio is truly a second home and I always feel so welcomed and never once have I not wanted to go to dance. Click here to view the website


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