1. what kinds of technology did you use at the lagoon ?

I used my phone to take picture of the lagoon and other wild life there, so i can put those pictures in my scrap book. I also used my phone to research different things about the animals.

2. how did you use technology to complete your project ?
I used technology (including my phone) to help me complete this scrapbook, by researching facts about the lagoon and the animals there. I also continued to take photos of my surroundings there, to put them in my scrap book.

3. Describe your comfort level with using Edublog and Microsoft teams ?

I feel as if i cant get to Edublog by myself, sometimes i get confused on what to do next. Otherwise I feel i am good at answering the reflection questions, etc.

4. what would you like to change or stay the same for next year in your classes with technology ?

i am hoping to ask more questions about it when i don’t understand. Sometimes i get behind because I get stuck and lost, so next year i am settingĀ  a goal to always ask for help and ask any questions, so that i don’t fall behind and to be on the same page as everybody else

5. blakeburn laggon