1. I needed to research the name of my element, as well as their symbol, the number of protons and electrons in the element. I also had to research the my element is used for.
  2.  I used the periodic table online so that i could gather the information i needed for my element cube. I also searched on google to find other information.
  3.  I first started out my researching the information about my element that i didn’t know. I then began putting that information into the element cube.
  4.  I used the QR code generator to put the video for my elements cube. But when it came to the information/ websites that i used i just listed them on one of the sides of the element cube.
  5.  At times it was hard to find all the information about my element, but i found all the information i needed to complete this process. Next time i will work on the questions like these that i have to answer after the project is over. They are really important to do, and I had forgotten to do them. Next time while doing another project like this i will set a reminder so i don’t forget.