Ecology project

  LIFETIME OF A TREE.Biotic factor.

A living creature or object that contributes in some way to the ecosystem. Examples include plants and animals, humans and cells.

Abiotic factor.

A non-living creature or object that contributes in some way to the ecosystem. Some examples being rocks and water, wind and temperature.

Observing organisms.

Whilst observing ducks I noticed something that all living things need, food, water, air and shelter/habitat of a sort. the ducks showed behaviors such as bobbing underwater to catch small fish for food, taking in water and breathing, which believe me, I know, it doesn’t sound very complicated but its worth putting here for the project.

Produce, consume and decompose.

These are three types of organisms found in the world. Producers, as the name implies, produce things for the ecosystem. some examples could include trees and other plants producing oxygen.

Consumers just consume the product, nuff said. all jokes aside, they consume the producers end product or consume the producers, shocking, I know.

Decomposers are a whole other story, they take the scraps and break them down and digest them and make it easier for more plants and animals to be made. things like bacteria and mushrooms fertilize the soil for more plants to grow, starting the process again.

How can we help?

Well three things that we can do to help the integrity of wildlife are just simple, everyday things you can do.

1: Recycle, it’s actually a thing.

2: Re-use. Remember that plastic bottle you threw in the landfill, that could have been a flowerpot you scum.

3: Gardening. You don’t have to do this one, but it still helps.

B-b-b-BONUS ROUND!!! 4: Leave wildlife to its own thing man.

Indigenous importance

Some plants in BC have great importance because of its connection to land, many of these plants are used in ceremony’s all around the coast. One of the plants I found at Blakeburn was the cedar tree, a common plant to be used in smudging ceremony’s  across Canada, usually burned along with tabaco, sweet grass and sage to bring good fortune and protection to those who have been smudged.

   Northern White Cedar.