“Girls Supporting Girls” -Adelaine Morin

I chose this quote because it reminds me that us girls shouldn’t go against others and instead we should be supporting each other. 


This is the video I chose from Sadie Aldis. I chose this video because it inspires me to get my work done since i tend to procrastinate. Watching videos like this motivates me to get working.


I chose to put this picture in here because I love this so much. Every time that I’m in a bad mood, I look at this and it makes my day a little bit better. This is a collage that I made to put on my lock screen and each of those pictures hold a really good memory of my friends and I.



I chose Youtube as my hyperlink because i grew up watching videos on there when i’m bored. I learned a lot of things and i get to teach others about it too. I grew up without a TV so Youtube was my entertainment so that’s why it’s meaningful to me.