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About Me Page – Tasks

1) Quote

“So many books, so little time.”
― Frank Zappa

The reason I chose this quote is because I love books and I have tons of them, but unfortunately due to my laziness and so much homework, I barely have enough time to even pick up or finish a book. One of my favorite books are one of many, and because of the variety it offers, I have chosen one book: Ghostman by Roger Hobbs. It was my favorite because it caught and held my attention until the very end, and offered me chances to reread it, and it was very great.


2) Video:

This was one of the first videos I watched on Youtube. The reason I keep coming back to it is because it is funny and old, and the song is very catchy also. This was the time when we first moved to a big home. This was one of many unique videos, before the rise of the trashy ones.


3)  Picture:


Sun shining through a window. I like this picture because every time I go in nature I tend to imagine or think about vivid scenery, usually things like this. I think it is very inspiring because I’d definitely want to wake up to a great light like this. It also is a descriptor in a personal writing project of mine, where I describe the light in the room.


4)  Hyperlink:

The Useless Website

I have chosen this website because it is a great resource for bored people, and has many interactive web-pages and games, which all has been contributed and found by others who have too much time on their hands, and this may work for non flash users who dont have the plugin installed.