Lucas Sastre Gr9

Activity Sheet: Digital Citizenship


Choose one of the following resources to respond to.


READ “It’s Not Cyberbullying, But…”:

Click here for access to the pdf


WATCH “Ted Talk – Rethink Before You Type”:


Describe a bullying situation from one of the resources above. What does the situation cover?

1. When the group of girls (the friend included) don´t answer the other girl and then they laugh behind her.


2What strategies does the resource show to deal with these types of situations?

  1. To think about what you are going to type and the consequences that this can have.
  2. To ignore those bad messages.


In your own words, what do you think it means to be a Digital Leader?

  1. To be respectful with those you are talking to, to think before you type.
  2. To be an influence a role model to follow.
  3. To help those people who don’t know how to solve the cyberbullying.