About me



“Alone or not you gotta walk forward.”
-Cecelia Ahern

I have chosen this quote because it means a great deal to me. As people we must always move forward, even if we have an individual holding us behind. Although hard it is necessary to let go of these people keeping you back. This is why this quote resides with me, for i myself have had many problems with toxic people who have tried to prevent me from doing the things I want.


Video Clip

I like pretty much like all of the videos from BuzzFeed Unsolved, but this video seemed like the most PG option to put on a school blog. The YouTube channel mostly focuses on unsolved true crime and supernatural investigations. I am very interested in true crime, I enjoy hearing the backstory of the people committing the crimes to really know what’s going on in there mind. As well as liking the content I think people in the videos Ryan and Shane are very funny.




I really like this picture, it was taken when i was zip lining in whistler. Every time I see this picture it reminds me of my trip to whistler during spring break last year. It was just me and my dad on this trip, we stayed just outside of whistler in Creekside.







Most people on the internet know what YouTube is, it is also one of the only websites I actually go on. I like this website because I can watch any video depending on my mood. This site is also one of the main sources of my entertainment. As well as entertainment I can also watch educational videos to aid me in schoolwork.