Blakeburn Lagoon


All times I went to the lagoon I mainly used my phone to take pictures and videos. All the media I have collected has helped with my PowerPoint creation and with my final scrapbook project. I also used my computer to compile all my information into a PowerPoint and find images I didn’t have. My computer was also used to type out word documents. I don’t have the nicest printing so I decided to type out my information for my Scrapbook project.

Going into digital learning I had background knowledge in most Microsoft apps. But, I had never before used Microsoft Teams or Edublog. At the beginning of the semester, I was very uncomfortable and inexperienced with this site. I didn’t know how to do anything and asked for help with everything. I like to think now that I have improved very much. I can navigate Edublog with minor difficulty and can easily work teams. I even now know how to add media and documents to my posts.

I would like to continue using the same programs in the years to come. Over time I have become very comfortable with the programs and enjoy how they work. Personally, I would like to see Microsoft Teams be used in more of my classes, I think it would be a good way to hand things in without needing to print an assignment off.