My First Reflection (DL)

My first reflection is on Digital Media/Literacy because it is the first class I have had to use technology in. We had to do the introductory project in which we sent a link and a picture in Teams to learn our way around using Office 365 and how to “hand in” assignments online. That assignment helped me out since I was very confused on how to use teams and how online assignments were going to work. It cleared up my confusion and I know now how to use Teams and Office 365 responsibly. Then the second assignment, creating the website, taught me all about how to pick a background and different fonts to really make my website match my style and personality. It also taught me about how to organise my work and pick, choose, and download photos and put them where I wanted them to go. The written instructions on the page helped a lot; whenever I got confused or lost I went over the steps and better understood wherever I had to go next. I really enjoyed learning how to configure this website I have never used before, WordPress, and I hope I might be able to use it for other subjects or projects in the future. It helped me express myself and my personality in a place where I can share it with everyone, and I am proud of the work I have done.

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