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hiya <3

Hi! I’m Maddie. I’m a pretty cool person, but like, not really. ok enjoy my blog now. :/

quote ♥
You may think you like someone but… You could be wrong. – Gretchen Weiners

I like this quote because I can relate to it. As a sufferer of many failed relationships and crushes, this quote is pretty much me. Its a quote from the 2004 movie, Mean Girls


video ♥

I used this video because it reminds me of spooky season.


picture ♥

i decided to use this picture because i literally love noah schnapp because he is amazing and plus he has a twin. I legit LOVE noah schnapp and its really bad, but i mean who doesn’t love noah. Also, i really love the show he’s in. Its a show called Stranger Things.

hyperlink ♥

i’ve decided to use because it was my childhood. Pretty much 80% of my elementary school experience was playing Friv in the computer room.


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