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“You can never plan a future by the past” 

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I really love this quote because it just shows that whatever happens in the past, no matter how hard it was, that you have to move on and that it doesn’t matter of what happened, you just have to focus on the present moment and forget about what happened before. I really like it and it really makes me realize that I need to start fresh and enjoy the present. This quote was said by Edmund Burke.

Favorite Video

I chose this video as my favorite because my favorite show right now is Friends,and one of the stars of the show, Courtney Cox is in this video playing a game with Ellen called heads up, where they test her knowledge of the show. It is really funny and super entertaining to watch her play. I also enjoy watching the Ellen show so when I saw this video I knew that it was going to be really funny.

Favorite Picture

This is one of my favorite photos ever because I just really enjoyed the moment when I took this. In the photo is my youngest cousin climbing some rocks on the beach. This photo was taken last summer when my family visited my cousins and relatives. I loved this day especially because we went to the beach and spent the whole day together, it was a lot of fun and we made many memories. I really do miss this so when I look at this picture it reminds me of the that day.


Real simple Baking

The website I chose is called real simple, its a baking website where they show many different recipes you can make. I sometimes like to try new things and challenge myself to bake something and I often use this site for all the recipes and I’ve found it really helpful and good.

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