Electric house project


Immediate Personal Reflection

My over all thoughts about  this project is, it’s kinda successful, and some of the wires are not working but we did pretty grate, and my first impression is so exited, that I’m making a mini house.

Process Reflection

I can relate this to a real life situation, because in your home we use lights every day and if one light turns out, maybe look into it and understand why this light bulb is not working.

Group Members and Collaboration Reflection

1.) Our teamwork and knowledge is good, I mean by good we communicate well.

2.) I learn form my team mates that we can always make a way even it’s impossible

Final Reflections and Future Considerations

1.) Make sure that the wires are attach properly and same with the switches 

2.) Is to make the platform if the circuit again 


maybe one day I can use this when my lamp went out or something, or I can help my uncle with his work some day.

Naming compounds

Science Fair Journal

First Blog Entry October 16th 2018

What subject did you choose?

  • How dose yoga affect your flexibility?

Why did you choose this subject?

  • To show that yoga is more easy than doing ballet and making your body easy to bend too.

What are you hoping to learn?

  • I’m hoping to learn that, how dose really yoga affect your flexibility…and more.

Personal INFO

Hey wanna know about me? okay let’s start!

Hi! My name is Ma. Eva Cecilia L. Marquez. I know its a long name but you can call me Eva some if my friends call me by my Nickname “Honey”… yeah Honey is my nickname, I came from the Philippines last…. March 1 ,2018. I don’t have any siblings..that makes me sad all alone, and My B-day is on Sep 7 ,2004…On my Elementary days, i graduated at Iloilo Doctors Collage-Bed and on my High school  ( Grade 7) Iloilo City National High School….My hobby is Watch anime and draw anime Too..My favorite band id B.T.S. you know Bang Tan So Nyeon Dan,. I like there songs and dance moves, They are so cool!!, I like there song “I’M FINE”……I kinda don’t like sports but i think I’m going to like, soon heheh….. But I love dancing soo much… I think that it hehe I hope you have a nice day.

Welcome to my page

Hey welcome to my page!

As you know this page is ALL ABOUT ME… and some other stuff too, like my favorite video, pictures and more…

if your finding something your welcome to look for it.

have a nice day..





My Quote 

Dreams don’t work unless you do

Favorite video

This Video is all about trust and hope if you want to watch it click here⇒…(“your lie on April”)

  • If you watch this anime then good…. if not, well… the story of this anime is there this one boy that when he plays piano, he plays like a robot. That’s why he always win the competition when he was young sometimes people call him “cold heart” that’s because of his mother, trained him that “play whats on the notes and that’s it” by that time he quits playing piano. When he started high school he met this girl and they become friends before that he didn’t know that the girl was a violinist, time pass the girl try to changes the boy’s life, to play back the piano, Its kinda difficult for her, like when the boy can’t here the piano nor can’t see the notes “its like I’m sinking in to the bottom of the ocean, I can’t hear anything nor see”…. But the girl never give up….and this video is the final performance of the girl and the boy but the boy didn’t know that from the start the girl has a serious health problems.. the girl didn’t make to the competition and she fight for her life, but she died. but before that the competition the boy played the piano alone with out the girl that time the girl had a surgery…he didn’t won but the girls mission was achieved, she let the boy continue to play the piano.



Image result for fairy tale anime

  • Well….this part, I think you know that I’m an otaku or anime lover…….well, this is fairy tail, its not like other fairy tail story but this anime is all about friendship, helping each other, this anime is very old and it’s still going and going….it’s has like 100+ episodes, I know I’m not going to tell the whole story….. if you want to watch it the GO!……that’s pretty much it  fairy tail. “if you want to watch it click here⇒ fairy tail


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Digital Footprint

A digital footprint is the collection of all the traces you leave in electronic environments as you use or move through them. Some is content you actively volunteer—like your Facebook profile. Other material is passive—the cookies a site stores in your browser, the content your district collects about your use of their equipment, etc. All this data can be aggregated to build a profile of you and your behavior.

(Courtesy of http://www.educatorstechnology.com/2013/04/a-great-guide-on-teaching-students.html)

Tips for Creating a Positive Digital Footprint

  • Always THINK
  • Never post anything that you might find embarrassing later.
  • Be careful with the pictures you post on your public profiles. Remember others will see them and judge you based on their content.
  • Change the privacy settings on your social networking sites so that only your Friends can see your information
  • Do not disclose your personal address, phone number, passwords. Bank card numbers…etc even in private messages. There is always the possibility of somebody hacking into your account and finding them.
  • Do not post things to bully, hurt, blackmail, insult, or afflict any kind of harm on others
  • Always keep in mind that once information has been posted online, it can be almost impossible to remove because of archiving and file sharing. Even though you deactivate your accounts, the information may still be retrieved by others.