Blakeburn Lagoon


Comment on two pictures from the lagoon

These pictures show my experience going to the lagoon it was a very hot day going up to 33 degrees but we still had fun taking pictures for our scrap books.

Comment on one file from your scrapbook

While doing biology we visited the lagoon as a start off for ecology and the first picture the one on the left was taken about a month before the second as you can see there was rapid algae growth possibly due to weather or places nearby using phosphorous or nitrogen included substances and that leaking into the lagoon. These were printed out in color and pasted into my scrapbook.

Reflection questions

1. while doing my project at the lagoon in order to take pictures of the environment and the animals that live there i used my phone throughout this project.

2.  In order to complete my project i used my phone to take pictures and used the color printer at home to print off my pictures in order to put them in my scrapbook.

3. I’m pretty comfortable using teams because i used it in my previous school and edublog is easy to use once you grasp it.

4. I would like to keep using the laptops for projects because they come in handy and i liked how we did a digital project that ties in with our lessons.










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