About Me


~The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from enemies, it comes from those you trust the most.~xxxtentacion. This quote means alot to me because it has happened to me and I learned it as a lesson to myself, the people who I did trust betrayed and family which I didn’t use to trust nor keep close to me had helped me the most trough those problems that I wanted to keep secretive.


~I chose this video because i personally love doing makeup and being involved in the visual arts topic daily, antonio garza is only 15 and she is a transgender showing that your never too young to make decisions.


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~I really find this inspiring because a lot of people do some things on the daily and count that as a regular life but if they take that and turn it into a form of art it can really be seen as a talent depending on how hard your dedicating your time and hard work towards it.



~I chose this hyperlink because my family and I sponsor 4 children because we find the that if we were in that situation we would want a helping hand from anyone, therefore we donate to them per month and we receive drawings and letters frequently making the whole process more touching and meaningful.