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My quote is Live life to the fullest and focus on the positive, this quote is by Matt Cameron. I choose this quote because I really like to enjoy all the things life has to offer and make the best of it. I always like to focus on the positive, since you can see future possibilities and when you have to do something hard or something you don’t like, you can think positively about the outcome of it.


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This YouTube video is my favorite, because I really like penguins and they are my favorite animals. I thought that this video was really cute to watch, especially with all the penguin gift shop items in the video. It is also my favorite, since I heard about Seaworld, Orlando but I have never really been there, even though I really want to visit Seaworld and the penguins. I have always liked penguins and I think that they are pretty cute and funny.



This picture is meaningful to me because I really like mountains and lakes together, with the sun rising or setting over the mountains. I find this picture as a really good display of nature and the beautiful pictures it has to offer. I visited Alberta which is picture is from, and I found Alberta as a very beautiful province. So then I found this picture of Moraine lake, Alberta, I never visited this lake before but once I saw it, i couldn’t believe that this beautiful lake existed in Alberta. So this has been my favorite picture ever since and I hope that I can visit this lake soon and experience it as real life.





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