October 30

About Me


The Quote

              “The best and the most beautiful things in the world  cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.

    This quote in my opinion, is talking about love and emotion. Something that is physically not touched or seen, but you can notice and feel it with your heart. The most precious things to you would be family or friends, you care for them, and show them that you care. They can feel it in there hearts when you show them affection. Quote by Helen Keller.


        the picture

          Image result for pictures with meaning behind them     

The picture that i found for meaning is this picture right here, showing 2 people one is rich, and one is poor. the poor guy has a bag on his back carrying all of the things he may have found. He might even be starving but he needs to provide for his family. The picture on the right, is a drawing of a rich person who has a big and full stomach. It looks as if he has enough money to buy himself food and provide his family. you can also tell hes rich because of his clothing. Hes holding what seems to be a cane, and a fancy expensive hat.

          Image result for aesthetic pictures

This other picture I found was a picture that I like. I find it really eye catching and aesthetic with how it was taken. I enjoy photography and editing and this picture for me shows both of them in it. 


For what i dont like, i chose broccoli. i never really liked it, and will never. i find it really gross and tastes really weird. I also dont like anything to do with them or cut them because i think it makes a mess and hard to clean up.


for this picture I find it really powerful because this kid is looking up at his father for being his hero, and he wants to copy and be like him too. Because in every kids eyes they see there parents as there hero and want to grow up and be like them. even though hes small, hes more powerful than he thinks.




     for the link that i chose, i put down bath and body works. i really like there products and how there company is run. the body shop is also against animal testing, and they also dont support it. there company is one of the biggest cosmetics company that dont use there products on animals. 

 the video

the video that i chose was the conor mcgregor vs khabib nurmagomedov fight. i remember watching that fight live and it was one of the best fights that i had seen. i found it really interesting how conor threw a chair at khabib’s bus and disrespecting his family and religion and talked about how he was going to win, at being overall rude. when khabib just sat there. but at the end khabib defeated conor, and conor wanted a rematch because he lost really badly. i also found it shocking when khabib jumped over the fence to go attack conor’s coach because he was being very “disrespectful.” over all, the fight was quite entertaining to watch, and Im looking forward to the possible rematch.