Activity Sheet: Digital Citizenship 


Choose one of the following resources to respond to. 


READ “It’s Not Cyberbullying, But…”:  

Click here for access to the pdf 




WATCH “Ted Talk – Rethink Before You Type”:  



  1. Describe a bullying situation from one of the resources above. What does the situation cover? 



Sometimes kids, students, and even adults create fake accounts stealing someone’s identity or even making a fake person. Fake accounts can be very offensive and illegal. Types of pages that may be fake is if there is a famous persons account that isn’t verified or account making fun of the person. 



    2. What strategies does the resource show to deal with these types of situations? 



 You can deal with these types of accounts by if you see them, you can report their account on Instagram or Facebook, tell someone older then you like a teacher or a parent, and if it gets really bad tell the police. 




      3. In your own words, what do you think it means to be a Digital Leader? 



A digital leader is someone who uses the internet for good like spreading awareness about something you may be passionate about or posting things that are important to share to you with your friends. By using your own identity you can be positive and truthful and be a good digital leader.