About Me

Quote that inspires me

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.  -Albert Einstein

I chose this quote because I find it inspiring and I like it.

Favourite singer

I chose this video because Billie Eilish is my favourite singer, her voice is amazing and I love all her songs.

The most beautiful place in the world <3

I couldn’t chose just one picture, so here are 3 pictures of Loreto, Mexico, I chose it because it’s where my grandparents live and my favourite place on earth. It’s just a small town but it is really meaningful to me, full of magic and beautiful places like the ones shown in the pictures, with warm, nice and friendly people, a colourful and very special place.

One of my favourite activities


I chose Netflix because I use it a lot and I love spending whole weekends just laying on the couch watching movies or a marathon of my favourite series.