Reflection 2 Due December 13th (Change This Name!)


Course Name :french 11

Course Teacher: ms todd


1. List off ALL the functional procedures you used inĀ this class

I used a search engine to resherch for projects

I uploaded stuff to teams

I used a QR code to sign up for flex

I saved all my projects to Office 365

I used my laptop at home and the lab at school


2. Describe one digital tool or resource you found useful in this class. How did you use it and why was it useful?

I found teams very useful because I could see what homework I had and it was very useful to hand stuff in

3. Describe a tool, app, or resource you are hoping to use in the future. What would you use it for?

google docs because i think it might be easier to use than word. it would help me write my projects and take notes