Mason Palmer



It’s not about how hard you can hit it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.

I like this quote because it was said by Sylvester Stallone a very famous actor. It basically says if something bad happens never give up, keep trying, and persevere



I really like this video because one of my favorite things to do is downhill mountain biking. The video is by Fabio Wibmer and I admire him because he can do insane things on a mountain bike. I have always wanted to ride my bike on a ski hill.



Image result for devinci wilson

This picture is of a Devinci Wilson mountain bike, it is downhill specialized which means it has full suspension and made for big jumps and lots of bumps. This is the bike I am currently working to get.

This site is to Pinkbike it is currently the biggest and most used site for buying and selling bikes. I personally baught alot of my equipment from Pinkbike even my current bike.



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