from our study

Abiotic: rocks, gravel, fence and dirt.

Biotic: birds, trees, foxes, hawks ect


Observe an organism 

The frog is a creature that is currently over populating the park some people what to kill the frogs and the toads. The frogs and toads are carnivores they eat meat such as some insects as moths’ mosquitoes’ flies and dragon flies and more. Some of the frogs are poisonous and most of the frogs are safe. The frog’s habitat is near ponds. The eggs hatch out into tadpole’s which will then grow up to be frogs or toads. They have feather like gills on the side of the head. They eat algae in the pond and other vegetable matter. Frogs matter because there right in the middle of the food chain so if they were taking away it would not be the same.