About Me 

1) Add a Quote: if you have been broken but still have the courage to be kind to others then you deserve love yourself. i chose this quote as it stands out to me in my own way.

I chose this because, this is a photo of my dog in the hospital he has been by my side since day one he is 5 years old and he got hit by a truck up in Klemtu B.C. we adopted him in the year of 2016 at the Vancouver SPCA. fun fact: he was the SPCA’s Christmas campaign dog in 2017.

this is my hyper link: I chose this hyper link as I love to redo bedrooms and make them into a cozy place for you and friends to hangout. I also like to see the before and after photos of how much the room has changed, and IKEA is my favorite affordable furniture store which has plenty of different designs and cool furniture.