“I never dreamed about success I WORKED for it.” – Estee L. auder. I choose this quote, because of the powerful message it symbolizes and brings to me. This quote allows me to have a bigger perspective on the way life works, if you work hard happiness and all you deserve will come to you, but without hard work you’ll be lucky to even dream about the happiness you deserve. As long as I can I will work hard to pursue all my dreams to succeed in the short time I have on this planet called, Earth instead of wasting it and taking it for granted, when it’s too late to change the impact I had on this planet.




I chose this video, because it helps keep me motivated and make a change in the world today, even if it means I wouldn’t succeed I will still be happy and proud of myself for trying, and learn from my mistakes to become a more driven, passionate and hard-working individual to make the change others can only dream of.




This image is very meaningful to me, because it represents the impact every single individual must has to make the world a better place to live in. With all that is going on in the world today is the result of hate and discrimination effecting innocent individuals, but if we forget bout the hate and start spreading love in this world and start helping one another out to make the future bright once again we need to help bring peace and happiness to this world once again.



I chose this website, because it helps one learn how to bring peace and bring the change those fear to start and help make our world a better place to live in rather than hearing about innocent children and adults losing their lives on a daily basis. Not being to do anything about it is just an excuse, for peace to start in this world it takes one to start the chain for others to follow and tag along, and this site is the perfect way to teach an individual to start that chain the world desperately needs.