October 30

About Me


    My Favourite Quote:              

Image result for quotes the greatest gift you can give someone is time

I choose this quote because it really stood out to me and it’s really truthful. It points out to major topics in it like, the greatest gift you can give someone is your time and if you do how you will never get it back. This is very true because time never stops moving and that time you spent you will never get back because time just keeps moving forward not backward.




My Meaningful Video:

I choose to pick the music video from the lion king which is called the circle of life. I choose this video because I grew up with Disney movies and the lion king has always been one of my favorites. no matter how old I am I will always reenact the scene where smbia is first introduced by being lifted up. I have probably done this scene over a million times with my friends, family and of course my dog.


A Picture I Like:

Image result for sunset vancouver

I like this picture for many reasons. One because of its beautiful colors, secondly the place it was taken because it was taken in vancouver, and third how it includes not just the sunset but some land with even an Inuksuk.




A Picture That Has Meaning to Me:

Image result for t.h.i.n.k poster


This picture has a lot of meaning to me because through my years of going to school, this poster has always been around to help us think before we post, or not to talk bad about someone. I know sometimes it doesn’t work but to me, I believe it really puts people’s minds to perspective.






My Hyperlink:


I chose to pick Netflix because I really enjoy it. I love the shows and movies on it and it helps me not to be bored, like when I’m doing my homework, drawing or if I have nothing to do.