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One of my favorite quote

I chose this quote because I think what he said is very right, everything is always to be patient, endure for a long time, do not know whether to take the initiative. And his words make people understand, don’t do meaningless wait, brave to do it, maybe there will be another different result.

2) Something Just Like This

I like this video because it’s mean a lot. In this video, there’s a cute little Batman, and the character comes from a story. The story: a child named Miles was diagnosed with leukemia when he was one and a half years old. Miles loves Batman, and his dream is to be a superhero. When asked what he wanted, miles Jr. said he wanted to play Batman himself. Charity organization Makes A Wish to help miles to achieve the Wish, for him to raise money to shoot A film “Batman Begins”, at the time of the shooting, the entire San Francisco incarnation Gotham city, “little batman” miles in the company of another Batman, beat the bad guys. The whole movie was warm and moving, with many celebrities including President Obama supporting miles. Coldplay wrote (Something Just Like This) for miles Jr. based on the touching incident.

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3) “Although darkness always looms large in every corner of the world, it will not be long before light will reappear and prevail over it. And the hero is the one who kindles a great light in the world, who sets up blazing torches in the dark streets of life for men to see by.”

 I chose this picture because it’s meaningful to me. It always reminds me that the two poles in the world often coexist. There wouldn’t be good people in the world; bad people exist to prove them as good. Lights also need darkness to foil, without darkness, the lamp is meaningless. In the boundless darkness, a little light, but most people can give birth to hope, that’s is why we strive to become the stars shine in the dark. Become starlight in the dark, shining all over the earth. 


4) Google Click here to open the link

The hyperlink that makes sense to me is Google. I chose this hyperlink because I can basically find any answer I want in it. It’s a national website that almost everyone USES. I can also find a lot of interesting things, interesting facts, and a lot of interesting pictures that I like, and that’s a pretty good thing! 🙂