Elements Cube

My Elements Cube Reflection Questions

1)A: I need to study the allusion to the origin of this element. And look at it in detail and do some searching. It’s all about the details of the element, like who discovered it and when.

2)A: I used Google, youtube and some websites to do the search, and the most important thing is to have a deeper understanding and experience of using Microsoft.

3)A: It was tough, mainly because I had some problems with my laptop and I was a little rusty on how to use Microsoft. I don’t know much about this element. But still stumbled along the way to learn and finally complete.

4)A: I do the Search frequently and compare information from multiple sites. Finally, paste and copy some information that I think is useful to my document.

5)A: I just followed the instructions step by step. It felt like a long process. I was slow, so it took too long on this project .and I’m sure I can do better.

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