About Me

Why Would You Fit IN When You Were Born To Stand Out!
BY DR Seuss 

I chose this quote because when you go into high school you get put into a bubble that decides what you wear, how you act, and even can make you feel not like yourself anymore. I think that this quote reminds you that its ok to be who you are witch I think is something we all need    some times.

2) Favourite Video:

I picked this video because, we are all having a hard time during covid-19 and music is really helping me. this is my favourite song and I wanted to  share this song and its meaning with others.


3) Inspiring Picture:

I am inspired by this picture because I have known this friend for 11 years now and we have been through lots like, cancer, family deaths, but with those down we have grown as friends and will continue to grow all our lives. I am inspired by friendship and this is a pretty good example of it.

4) Create a Hyperlink:

Dwarfism awareness month

I chose this becuase it is very close to my heart, I had a brother that suffered from this, he sadly passed at the age of 3 but our family still wants to support the people that still deal with this every day.

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